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Mis Moo Moo

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Empire's Veni-Vedi-Vici

Bri f 33 Sealtortiepoint (carry chocolate and dilute).

Born 25. of December 2009

Bloodtype: A

HCM status: Scanned normal March 2011

Weight 3,4 kg

Mis Moo Moo, Bettemus .. yes a dear child has many names :-) She has been named Empire's Veni- Vedi- Vici, which means "I came, I saw, I conquered", which she full well lived up to here in the family. She are such a tornado. She fears nothing and is always where there is time for play or where to find a warm lap to snuggle into or where it can be scratched a little on her tummy (something many cats would not be excited about).

She promises to be well typed with short nose, small ears, beautiful contrasts in color mask and a nice open look.

Moo Moo are now neutered

Empire's Veni-Vedi-Vici 10 months

Empire's Veni-Vedi-Vici 6 months old.

Mis Moo Moo 3½ month

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